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Photo reportaged


Reportage photography, or what’s also known as documentary photography, is a photographic style that captures a moment or event in a narrative fashion, i.e., images that tell a story. Reportage, for example, depicts a story or event in a report-like fashion. Unlike traditional styles of photography, reportage photographs are often less formal and portray their characters in a pose-free way that occurs naturally, not staged. However, in wedding reportage photography there is often direct intervention for images like group photos of the entire wedding party, and portraits of the bridge and groom.

Video reportage


PRESENT YOUR COMPANY DIFFERENTLY! Opt for advertising spots and advertorials that allow you to briefly present your company product or an animated video in which the photos and the sequences filmed are embedded in a graphic universe realized on measure in 2D or 3D computer graphics. This is ideal for advertising on large-format LED advertising screens. Several options will be available such as voice over, subtitles, graphic credits, etc. Commercials Advertorials Corporate Movies Animated video

Advertising film from a drone


Drone footage is highly effective for creative takes on a client's product, as well as shooting editorial quality video for corporate productions. The videos in this stream provide some inspiration - and our Marketplace has the professionals to deliver..

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